March 5, 2012

Rich Shaping a new 5-0 for Jake

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Square nose, over 23 wide, super wide tail that the finished will have a slight negative curve that is about 3/4″ deep. And that’s the outline. The bottom is flat to the rails with a soft tuck hardening at the fin area. Soft “V” with Soft tunnels blending into the bottom flat. Twin Keel style fins from Futures
This thing is really a Boogie board out of foam with thin surfboard rails and Fish style fins.
Tom Morey who invented the Morey Boogie, sold all of the rights to the name “Morey Boogie” a decade or so ago. A few years ago, Tom changed his name to “Y”.
And I’m not sure of exactly why. But we decided to name this new stick “Why” anyway.

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