April 17, 2011

Summer Vessels! 10’0″ Noserider!

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This 10’0″ Noserider has got a blue resin tint on the bottom, an abstract paint job in the nose concave and a couple pinlines making this definite showroom quality! This one will certainly turn heads!

Summer is almost here which means warm weather, warm water, south swells and relatively small waves…but that’s ok! The Noserider is a cruiser! It’s perfect for those days you wanna get to the nose and the waves are under shoulder high. A pretty good sized nose concave and a soft 50/50 ’60s type rail makes this Noserider a true log. If you’re looking to ride what they rode back in the day, the Noserider is your board! This is my personal favorite in our line up! -Jake

(web description) The Nose Rider is superb at what its name implies. With one of the more exaggerated concaves ever built, this board will simplify getting tip time like never before. But that is just the beginning because it catches waves quite well, and it turns quite easily. This is your “take to the beach on an average day board” because surfing is supposed to be fun.

Call us at (562) 430-5614 or email us at ATTN Jake if you’re interested. Reference board#29913. Retail: $1085.00.

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