March 15, 2011

The San-O Model

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The sun has been out and the temperatures have been up a lot lately which has got me stoked and thinking about summer time…some of the best days during summer are the San-O (click the link to see what San-O is like right now!) trips down south with a couple logs in the back of the truck, a couple buddies, a few fire logs, a few “beverages” and well…you get the picture. We all love summer…especially us Harbour Surfboards employees. I think all of us here can agree that the San-O model, as seen above, is your go-to summer-time board. Full outline, thick rails, nose channels and a flatter rocker makes this a blast for any surfer of any skill level for your average summer-time conditions. Point breaks, beach breaks, boat wakes…whatever it is you Harbour fans will do this summer to get wet…consider the San-O model…it makes for a pretty good flotation device. Call us (562) 430-5614 or email us or check out our website to get more info on the San-O!

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