February 17, 2011

New boards!

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Here’s a 9’6″ Rapier that also just came in! This photo does not do justice! Come by and check it out! If you prefer smooth rail to rail transitional surfing, the Rapier model is the one is for you. Think of the Banana doing turns shaped somewhat like an “L” and the Rapier doing turns somewhat like a “C”. Not one is better. It’s all preference. Board #30104. $1055.00.

New boards in stock!

Filed under: Harbour

This is a 9’6″ Banana with our signature Rich Chew paint job! It just came in and is ready for someone to purchase! This is the perfect board if you’re surfing bolsa or San-O or the likes. Call us if you have any questions! Board #30138. $1115.00.