March 12, 2009


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When we laminate the fiberglass cloth to the board, we try to squeegee all of the excess resin off. This leaves a very heavily textured finish. A Hot coat is a layer of resin that fills that texture. It is called a Hot Coat because it has a high amount of catalyst in it to make the resin gel quickly. Any resin left in the bucket will get rather warm when it begins to harden.

Rich helps tape off the rail.

One edge hangs free so the resin won’t get to the other side.

Greg Martz pours the resin down Dean’s Limited Edition #1 of 5.

Now the brushing begins.

A look at the Curly Redwood on #1

The left rail of #1

Now we work on Todd’s #2 of 5 Limited Edition

Close up of the brush at work
Close up of the brush at work

Greg pushes the resin down the board. It is a technique that uses the brush almost like a squeegee to move the resin into place

Greg found a hair and picks it out with tweezers.

Todd’s beautifull Curly Redwood rail is a sight to behold

The wood for the fins arrived from Northern California last week as a 14″x14″x8″ block of Curly Redwood. I re sawed it, templated and did a rough cut out of about 20 fins. I must thank George Buck for getting it here so fast.
I then put all of the fin blanks on a rack and graded them. 12 were selected and sent to 1 World in Florida where Juan Rodriguez masterfully foiled them. Then he put the bead on and shipped them overnight to Waterman’s Guild. Kudos to Mr. Rodriguez who went way beyond the call of duty. He is in a class with Greg Martz as a craftsman.
And, speaking of stepping up to the plate, Greg Martz has done that and more. He has been a great subject to photograph and has been extremely accommodating

Here are the beautiful Curly Redwood fins ready for the Limited Edition lams. Speaking of Lams, we decided to cut off the triangle because it covered too much of the wood

The lam is applied

Greg looks at the final attachment of lams. We are putting them on today and attaching to the boards tomorrow. STAY TUNED

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