January 24, 2009

SUP-ing A Few Small Ones……

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Dear Rich,

John Gunnin and I got a few fun small waves at ‘Mullet Reef’ last week. The weather was great, the tide was right and the afternoon lighting was moody. John’s 9-4 diamondtail was working real well for him, that board is just a blade, for a stand up board that is, and JG can really push it around. Here he is trimming thru the inside section at Mullet Reef…. (all photos: Elva De Jarnett)

The visibility was pretty remarkable as you can see in this next shot, and the telephoto was bringing all the shipping traffic between Seal and Avalon into the photo-frame. Here I am Irish step dancing on a small one.

I really love the yellow 9-10 wing pin SUP you built for me, a very forgiving, versatile board indeed. I am also love NOT wearing rubber in the winter. I find being out of the water really makes a difference and that as long as the air is comfortable, I can trunk it right through winter. Any how, here are a few more pics from the same sessions….

More to come – as always

keep it moist,