January 31, 2009


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To celebrate our 50th anniversary, Harbour Surfboards is having a special surfboard sale! Starting February 1st, take $100 off ALL custom and in-stock surfboards. This is for a limited time so take advantage of this special event!

January 24, 2009

SUP-ing A Few Small Ones……

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Dear Rich,

John Gunnin and I got a few fun small waves at ‘Mullet Reef’ last week. The weather was great, the tide was right and the afternoon lighting was moody. John’s 9-4 diamondtail was working real well for him, that board is just a blade, for a stand up board that is, and JG can really push it around. Here he is trimming thru the inside section at Mullet Reef…. (all photos: Elva De Jarnett)

The visibility was pretty remarkable as you can see in this next shot, and the telephoto was bringing all the shipping traffic between Seal and Avalon into the photo-frame. Here I am Irish step dancing on a small one.

I really love the yellow 9-10 wing pin SUP you built for me, a very forgiving, versatile board indeed. I am also love NOT wearing rubber in the winter. I find being out of the water really makes a difference and that as long as the air is comfortable, I can trunk it right through winter. Any how, here are a few more pics from the same sessions….

More to come – as always

keep it moist,


January 16, 2009

The Annual Seal Beach Surf Contest Has Been Scheduled For This Weekend..

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Harbour Surfboards will be representing this Saturday the 17th at Seal Beach’s annual surf contest. Entry forms are available at the Seal Beach Lifeguard Headquarters. Hope to see you there!

Surfline’s Surf Shop Profiles

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A bit of press for Harbour Surfboards on Surfline! We are Surfline’s first featured shop in their new series “Surf Shop Profiles” Click to see photos and read the article

January 10, 2009

Cutting The Curly Redwood

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This is an $840.00 piece of wood. I’m sawing very carefully to split it into 2 pieces.

When this is two, it is much easier to move them around. Then I’ll take them to my brother’s wood shop and trim them with his Hatachi resaw and then joint those edges on his jointer.

January 7, 2009

Update on Curly Redwood/Balsa project

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I’ve had a bad cold and been out since Sat. I dragged myself down to the shop, because these must get moving along.
Today the pieces were too large to take time to take pictures while actually assembling, but the process has already been established.
I added 2 more balsa pieces and the 2 half T-Bands. They are half because one side is redwood facing balsa and the other side is basswood facing (yet to be assembled) Curly Redwood.

Many clamps

January 1, 2009

Culy redwood / balsa on New Years Day

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It is finally time to begin assembling the pieces.

The “location holes” now have dowel pins inserted in them (see red arrow) to align each section as it is stacked on.

Feeling out the pins and holes.

Glue is spread onto the second section of balsa.

Equal pressure must be delivered to top and bottom clamps. This keeps the platens aligned.

This section is complete, with 2 more balsa, T-bands, and finally the curly redwood rails yet to come. Stay tuned.