November 15, 2008

Last Summers Boating Trip 02 – We did some SUPing too …..

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Dear Rich,

Greg Escalante brought his 9-10 SUP diamondtail (the one you made for him last spring) along for the trip. We considered not bringing it due to its size and how awkward it was to move it around the deck of the Dirigo II. We ended up lashing it to the rail and hoping for the best and it really turned out to be a great asset for everyone aboard. It was very handy as a tender for moving people and stuff to and from the shore. Here is our top deckhand, Isabella Escalante coming in to the beach at Desperations on her dads’ board (all photos Elva De Jarnett)

It was really fun in the small but high quality waves – here is Greg on a perfect little insider – styling.

I borrowed it later and caught a couple – here is a short ride

and here is a longer one

Looking back at these pictures now I must remark on how clean the water flow is off that board, I guess after 50 years of designing surfboards you must have learned a few things …. anyway the board performed really well and as you can see we had a blast riding it. After the intense core workout of all that SUPing we had to take a break, and here you can see here how wired our expedition leader Len Daniello of Horizons West Adventures has these trips. Here is shot of Michael and myself kicking it under a shade structure that Len brought. Totally surfed out, we had shade, cold drinks and great food waiting for us on a pristine deserted beach.

It is amazing to me that this kind of ocean/wilderness experience is STILL possible in southern California. I have flown around the world on surf trips only to find myself in waiting in line for waves at a so called “exotic and inaccessible” surfspot. Upon my return to SoCal i would reflect that I had not REALLY escaped from the crowds and the social pressures of surfing in them. These trips to the offshore islands succeed every time in getting me into a different mindset relative to waves, other surfers, and life in general.

But I digress, we also used the SUP for touring – here is my fellow deckhand Michael Knowlton setting off to explore the coastline at one of our anchorages.

I will close this post with this line up shot

When I started visiting these islands 12 years ago I came looking for surf, now I return for moments like the one shown in this picture, standing on an empty coast far from civilization and having a true adventure with my dearest friends and family.

keep it moist,


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