November 9, 2008

Last summers boating trip post 01 …..

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Dear Rich,

Since the water just dropped 10 degrees and winter is finally here, it seemed like a good time to go through some of last summers pics from our boating trip to the local offshore islands. In August, we sailed on the topsail Schooner Dirigo II out of Long Beach, myself working as first mate to the skipper Bob Wilder and Horizons West expedition leader Len Daniello. An elegant craft, she is 73 feet long , built in 1939 at Boothbay, Maine. Here she is anchored up outside one of the surfspots we visited, lets call it “Desparations”. This is our “100 ton” skipper, Bob trimming his Harbour HP through a little inside drainer 118 miles from the Harbour shop. (all Photos: Elva De Jarnett)

Captain Bob at Desparations 2008

This spot is a really a fun small wave that breaks on a cobblestone reef. Winds blow side-offshore all day and the water was crystal clear and about 68 degrees F. We had it all to ourselves for a few days. It never got much bigger that this…..

MdJ at desparations august 2008

but we surfed our brains out. My Good friend Michael Knowlton’s face sez it all here – it was like a small wave smörgåsbord and it was just a question of how much your could eat……sun exposure was an issue hence the embarrassing hats. Michael here is riding a 10-0 wingpin and I am riding a 9-2 winger as well.

Harbour Regular Greg Escalante also came along the trip – here he is riding his 9-0 wingpin.

I have some SUP stuff that i will post later – to finish this post – here is another short sequence of me at desperations – I wish I still weighed 150 – I might fit into this little tube more easily……

Keep it moist,