October 28, 2008

Coming November 1st!

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Starting November 1st, Harbour Surfboards will begin honoring its Fiftieth year in the surfboard business.

In 1959, Rich Harbour, Harbour Surfboards’ founder, began shaping surfboards out of his parent’s garage at 15 years old and continues to craft surfboards today. Fifty years later, Harbour Surfboards is the oldest surfboard manufacturing shop that sill operates in the same location. Handcrafting nearly 30,000 surfboards and counting, Harbour Surfboards is recognized worldwide as an iconic surfboard label.

Harbour Surfboards was an early pioneer in the Southern California surfboard building industry that has since become a lifestyle and cultural phenomenon with its influence in fashion, advertising, music, movies etc. Today vintage Harbour boards are coveted and by collectors and enthusiasts everywhere.

As a tribute to his fifty years of board building, Rich Harbour is pleased to present the Limited Edition surfboard model. The concept is a culmination of Harbour’s most popular surfboard shapes. A classic pin-tail shape with 50/50 rails and made of classic weight poly-urethane foam, the Limited Edition is decked out with a 5 piece cedar and basswood t-band stringer, offset glue lines, Volan fiberglass and a single multi-colored fin – the Limited Edition will surely become a collectable. The Limited Edition surfboard model is available to the public for one year only beginning November 1st. Contact Harbour Surfboards for pricing and a brochure.

For the serious collectors, Rich Harbour plans to personally glue and shape five high-end Balsa and curly Redwood versions of the Limited Edition surfboard model next year offered at $8,000.00 on a first come first served basis beginning November 1st.

Please contact Harbour Surfboards 562 430-5614 to get your hands on one of these boards!

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