October 23, 2013

COMPASSING a film by Cyrus Sutton

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Join us Friday!

June 1, 2013

Two New Shapes

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I rode both the diamond tail single fin and the “Why” all weekend at Trestles. They both work great. The waves were very fun and I got a little bit of footage.
The “Why” is very fast and surprisingly responsive. Even though it is so short it paddles great. I think that is due to the width. I was able to paddle into the more mushy waves that a standard shortboard would not be able to. I think this model is great.
The diamond tail single fin rides similar to a normal shortboard but causes you to draw more traditional lines. You can still hit the lip and do pretty big cutbacks. I also had a blast on this board.

May 1, 2013


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I have sold all 10 copes of HARBOUR UNCENSORED CHRONICLES.
If more are to be printed, it will show up here.

April 25, 2013


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We are all sold out of the 3,000 copies of the book “Harbour Life in Surfboard Culture Chronicles,” that was published by Orange Coast College. They printed about 70% of what I gave them. In many instances, certain pictures of personal magnitude, were either too small, or just not in the book. Included are several shots taken at the infamous Seal Beach Bikini contest.
The sample shown here is a “black cover-up.” to keep this site clean. My book is Uncensored with no cover-ups.

OCC just couldn’t publish such pictures, but I can! I have, for more than a year, been creating my own, “Uncensored” version. It also contains classicphotos like the center spread taken in 1965 at Honolua Bay.

This book contains many new sidebars that focus on the changing board designs. This is information that should have been in the first book.

Last January I published one copy, and a very expensive venture that was. I found many areas that needed correcting, and I have just completed that task. Ten copies are on order. They will be for sale by the middle of next month.
Ten copies of a large format book (12 3/4 x 11 as seen in the comparison photo) is not a cheap book to print. They will cost $200.00 per copy. Each will be signed and numbered. No.s 1, 2, & 3 are already spoken for. There are only 7 left. Email me at: to reserve yours today.

February 26, 2013

Shane wants a new design

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Our creative salesman Shane Bowman has been the genius behind some of the latest T-shirts. The HP Fin, Octopus, Pier, Banana, and the latest the Cali Bear Tee. So when he ever so slightly mentioned to me he was interested in a new shape that was spinning around in his ever so busy brain, I stepped up and did it.

Sanding the slightly concave bottom.

After 53 ,years of shaping, I’ve collected the proper tools for the job. Here’s a case in point. For the final sanding, the stringer needs to be level with the foam. This is typically done with a block plane but in this case, a standard plane is too wide and floats in the concave without cutting. However, my super small (rosewood) plane does the trick perfectly. And I do it (perfectly) no other way.

Shane and I with the 4-11 Simms style Diamond tail that was his inspiration. It will be a twin “keel” style fin set-up.


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Thanks to a great effort by TJ Ridings, I have hooked up with Mark from Crooked Blanks. He has glued up a couple of hollow Spherical Revolvers. It has ribs running lengthwise instead of the typical struts going crosswise.

There are some minor kinks to work out, and it is still a balsa blank that has to have all of the irregularities leveled out.

This one will get a new special (wooden) triangle lam that Todd and I are working on.

More on that project later.

NOSE BLOCK by Rich Harbour

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Tim has been super busy. Putting on a nose block and tail block can take the better part of a day. He has too many boards to shape, so I stepped in and did this one.

August 29, 2012


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Randy Rarick is one of the best on the planet at restoring surfboards. These are pictures of the finished product. From now on I will be featuring more pictures of future projects as he supplies them.

Our records show that this board that is numbered 4915, is a 9-10 that was ordered May 5th, 1967.

If you want a restoration done, Randy is located on Oahu, Hawaii. If you live on the mainland, getting the board back and forth will not be cheap.

August 12, 2012


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This is a one of a kind 11 piece tail block on the wall hanger. The thin pieces took about 2 hours to cut because they kept dissolving in the saw. The idea was to have the center be a 1/32″ basswood bordered by 3/64″ redwood and this was bordered by 5/32″ balsas that had 3/64″ redwoods on either side. This center concoction emulates the center stringers of the board’s T-Band.


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My electrician’s new addition to his home. And those racks look pretty good too.

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